sâmbătă, 13 februarie 2010

How will the people be in future?

I saw a quite interesting movie called "Idiocracy". The Americans were doing an experiment, they were freezing someone to see if when defrosted they will be the same. There was an employee at the army that was doing the hard work of watching TV all day and doing absolutely nothing, and because he had no relatives and was a perfect average man (average IQ, average health status, average job, average stuff . . .) he was elected as the first man to participate in that experiment. But because they didn't find another man like him they had to search in the private sector . . . all they found was a girl, the girlfriend of an notorious pimp called Upgrayedd (or something like that). They were to be defrosted in 1 year. Both subjects (Joe and Rita) were frozen, and after not even a year was discovered that by "chance" the leaders of the experiment were actually some guys who just wanted a "little" more money. The military base was closed and the experiment simply forgotten, and the time passed and "the human kind became stupider at a frightening rate", "the greatest minds and resources were concentrating on hair loss and prelonging erection" . . . Meanwhile, the population exploded and the intelligence continued to decline until humanity was incapable of solving even it's most basic problems . . . like garbage . . . which has been stacked for centuries with no plan whatsoever . . . leading to the Great Garbage Avalanche of 2505 . . . which would set in motion the event that would change the world forever . . . "
So the casket in which Joe was laying got into a lawyer's house. He was watching TV . . . The Violence Channel . . . Ow! My Balls TV show . . . The casket automatically starts the unfreeze sequence and in a few seconds Joe is alive and unharmed. Being dizzy, he says something like "where am I?" . . . The lawyer(Fritto) is like "Shut up! ! ! I'm watching "Ow! My Balls", I'll handle with you later" . . . Joe, again "where's the base?". That guy, being annoyed says "I'll bash your ass if you don't shut up!" - "I'm sorry . . . I'm just . . . Where am I?" - "SHUT UP ! ! ! I told you already! ! !" and he throws Joe trough the window . . .
Unaware of what year it was, Joe wondered the streets asking for help . . . But the English language had degraded so much . . . Joe was able to understand them . . . but when he spoke he sounded pompous and faggy. He saw a hospital, he went there, saw a doctor (doctor Lexus) . . . told him that he's completely finished:totally gay language, retarded . . . "Dont worry, a lot of retards out there are having an awesome life". Then he saw the date on a magazine . . . Dr. Lexus asked him to put his tatoo on the scanner, to pay the bill for the hospital. Of course, he didn't have it. The doctor freaked out and sounded the alarm. He was arrested, and as he had no money to pay for a lawyer, the court gave him one: Fritto. Joe thought he's saved, but it wasn't like that.

Anyway, it would be too long to write it all, but the point is: if the humanity keeps getting stupider, the smart guys will be studying hair loss and other useless things . . . the president could be the stupidest person on Earth, people will actually be like in pre-history. And if a slightly smarter person would appear from nowhere he/she will be considered a freak, fagget, retard. . . we would be like animals.
You should see the movie, I think that's the reality, no offense.

. . . "Two things are infinite: the Universe and the human stupidity . . . but I'm not sure about the first . . ." - Albert Einstein

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