vineri, 12 februarie 2010

How and when will the world end?

I am the sort of person who always says in his mind "What if?". This time i asked myself "How will the world end?". Well, this question has no certain answer . . . there are many many ways in that the world could end . . . The human race could simply disappear, we could be dragged in a black hole, we could be invaded by aliens . . . so many ways to end the world. But the worst thing that could happen is a WW3 (world war 3). From the early history the people fought harsh wars, but only on a small region(relatively) . . . It could happen tomorrow . . . it could be next week . . . next month . . . next year, and so on . . .
The most interesting thing about the future is that it can NEVER be predicted. Let's say that tomorrow ALL the oil in the world will be finished. What do you think people will do or say? How will the get used to the idea that they can't use they cars anymore? What about the army with their planes, etc. . . The human race could extinguish itself because of this addiction, it may find another type of fuel . . . maybe they'll go to Saturn, Jupiter, etc . . . to get methane, helium, hydrogen . . .
It's difficult just to think what will happen, don't even bother to predict the future.
But what if the humanity will realize that everything they're doing is WRONG and do SOMETHING to stop it (not that plausible, but you never know)? Probably it won't last long . . . Or maybe it will.
One thing is certain: the end will come. when? how? why? I don't know the answer, but i will try to post some more stuff about this matter . . .

. . . "I don't think about future . . . it will certainly come" - Albert Einstein

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